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Tuesday Sex Links

The Supreme Court just quietly made marriage equality the law in 5 states. Anti-gay rights mom files brief to uphold ban on same-sex marriage so she can keep cash from dead son’s estate. Judge knocks down Missouri’s same-sex marriage ban. Lesbian judge will not wed opposite-sex couples.

The next DTF is October 10th and features comedians Shannon Devido and Kristen Schier, plus drag queen Ladie Geisha!

oct 10Alabama is putting pregnant teens seeking abortion on trial. Woman gives birth with transplanted womb.

Couple opens up about their Real Doll-loving lifestyle. Are movies finally starting to depict oral sex? Mixxxer: Tindr but only for sex.

Don’t love or hate Lena Dunham, create more of her. Screwing a homemade fleshlight. Sex during your period.

Demand an apology from a newspaper that printed a transphobic ad about teen athletes. 7th Heaven dad admits to child molestation.

Hat tip to Joseph, Melanie, Lydia, Jennifer, Lisa!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Sex Links

  1. Oh, and regarding “pushing the envelope” with sex in movies and Prime Time Television? Nothing that can’t be answered by a bit of research into the Motion Picture Association of America, the FCC, and (believe it or not) DARPA and the Pentagon. I remember in the early 90s when the FCC said it “is time to show more nude male posteriors” on television and in movies. This is one of the factors of what is known as “Culture Creation.”

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