Sex in the news / Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Why isn’t everyone talking about Nick Jonas’ hairy ass? Supervenus: the unnatural lengths women will go to for beauty. Jennifer Lawrence’s powerful statement about her stolen nudes. Philly PD posts mugshots of johns to facebook. Sex in a time of ebola. Conservative states more likely to look for “sex” or “porn” online. Apple pulls affirmative consent app from store.

“I’m Emily Quinn and I’m intersex.” Why rapper Ana Tijoux won’t be objectified for her music. The new economy of the oldest profession. Why women can’t “have it all.”

The next DTF is FRIDAY October 10th and features comedians Shannon Devido and Kristen Schier, plus drag queen Ladie Geisha!

miss fellatioHow the law turns battered women into criminals. Brown university student speaks out on being accused of rape. Nude-trading predators are exploiting Whisper app. Do your views on rape qualify you to be an Indian politician? Former NFL exec admits hundreds of abuse incidents covered up.

Love is a concept invented by poor people.” Science museum royally pisses off Girl Scouts with sexist workshops. Australian couple gives sex lecture to Vatican. Is sexting normal? Norway’s first child bride– to prevent others from happening.

Hat tip to Josh, Darryl, Thain, Mark, Kelly, Dan, Phil, Paul!

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