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Tuesday Sex Links

The anatomy formerly known as the hymen. Is the Paleo diet too masculine for its own good? Denmark to ban sex with animals.

Want to end campus sexual assault? Address the topic being ignored. Football team has season cancelled after sexual assault hazing rituals revealed.

juxtapositionThe Microsoft CEO just gave women the worst possible advice about income. Keeping everyone safe from harassment at comic con. Why are there no girls in the Dicks sporting goods catalog? Teens tweets about sexist sex ed go viral. The gender politics of pockets.

The role of oxytocin in female mouse sexual behavior. Pornhub forced to remove billboard ad in Times Square.

You can go get gay married in Idaho and Alaska now. Marriage equality expands, but other rights lag behind. “why I say I’m bisexual.” Cardinal says kids shouldn’t be invited to family functions where gay people are present.

On developing empathy. “I love my husband but here’s why I want to cheat” How judges humiliate pregnant teens who want abortions. Catholic church might be thinking more reasonably about contraceptives, cohabitation, gay members.

Hat tip to Mike, Karen, Onician, Louie, David, Felipe, Jim!

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