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Wear Your Purple, Kittens! It’s Spirit Day!

Hey y’all, it’s ThrowBack Thursday, but it’s also Spirit Day 2014! Check out this vintage piece that originally ran in October of 2012.

It’s Spirit Day! Get your purple on, everybody!

What the expletive is Spirit Day, you ask? Weren’t you on Facebook in 2010? It’s a day to show solidarity with all the LGBT kids who face bullying: making our presence known as allies against hatred and idiocy. It doesn’t matter how YOU identify, just that you think it’s whack that anybody would hassle a young person for being (or seeming) gay. And just to show LGBT youth that there is a whole world out there that is way cooler than the dickweeds who at school who make them feel alone and ashamed.

To honor what people have endured and especially for all the kids who could not endure it any longer, show that you are one of the good ones: the people who see them and accept them and want them to thrive and succeed.

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