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Friday Sex Links

What makes for a stable marriage? Do men on OKCupid follow the standard creepiness rule? Guy writes chilling post about being a stalker. Should we stop saying “basic bitch?” Technology of cheating: the adultery arms race. Casting women to be audience for Magic Mike sequel.

Are males hardwired to pick sex over food? Sex sells sex, not women’s athletics. Calls for sex education for blind girls in Uganda. 10 strange facts about penises.

gay inducedFirst official portrait of Chelsea Manning. Major LGBT history discovery brings veteran’s story to life. bell hooks does not like Orange is the New Black. Media firestorm in Nebraska over gender sensitivity training in schools. Meet the trans “mother of the year” recipient

Massacre threat forces cancellation of Anita Sarkeesian speech. Items women have been told not to wear in 2014. Why can’t young girls just enjoy sexuality? We require affirmative consent for most things, why not sex?

What do fit women want: strong or skinny? Do only certain people have the right to body esteem issues? Stupid, sexist things expected of men. Cosmo has been retooled for politically active woman. Things learned by going makeup free for a week. Apple and Facebook spring for egg freezing for female employees, kind of miss the point.

Pastor had multiple affairs without disclosing HIV status. South Carolina prosecutors say Stand Your Ground Laws don’t apply for domestic violence victims. John Grisham thinks we’re too harsh on men who look at child porn.

Hat tip to Wesley, Megan, Erin, Teagan, Susie, Paul, Melanie & Jackie!

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