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Friday Sex Links

“What I learned when I wore makeup for a week.” 15 brilliant quick replies to sexism. How should you laugh at Renee Zelwegger today? Chris Kluwe lays the smack down on GamerGaters. Missisippi sex educator pushed out by “concerned parents.” Utah Supreme Court lifts ban on same-sex adoptions.

feminist illuminatiCatholic school won’t allow filming of drama about discrimination against lesbian couple. Instead of banning yoga pants, schools should crack down on harassment. The Hobby Lobby ruling is leading to the exact mess we were warned about. Want to delay sex? Let Planned Parenthood teach sex ed.

***Artists, scholars, performers, educators and anyone else: submit your proposals now for the upcoming SEXx conference!****

Playboy models from decades past talk about meeting the male gaze then and now. Boko Haram abducts more young girls. ACLU challenges Miami law on behalf of homeless sex offenders.

“Why I visit prostitutes,” wealthy older women hire Kenyan men to romance them. Lovesick Chinese woman spends entire week in KFC after being dumped. College sex is the worst sex and that’s OK.

What personality characteristics do people read in your face? Surprising facts about non-monogamy. Totally terrifying vintage sex toys.

Hat tip to Damon, Onician, Jim, Thain, David, Bethany, Micah, Mikey!

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