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Tuesday Sex Links!

Towards a better nakedness policy in college hookup culture. In 1938 a woman was arrested for wearing pants. Is it safe to smoke hookah while on birth control? Meet the 20-somethings who want to be sterilized. The safest colleges for having sex. Walmart in trouble after labeling costume “fat girl” section.

“I really don’t care if you think I look pretty when I run.” Sobbing during exercise: workouts are about the only time some people get a real emotional release. Pregnant marathon runners.

anita9 things every engaged couple needs to talk about. A new wearable couples’ vibrator is in the making.

PFLAG to change name to be more inclusive. San Francisco gentrifies out its last remaining lesbian bar. 6 more states now have marriage equality. Heteronormativity and gender binaries in Halloween costumes.

Does AA work for women? This is what genderqueer looks like. How to be cool on a date with a trans person.

Oakland will now force landlords to evict sex workers. Learning new words feels the same in your brain as sex, chocolate. The “Holy Water” sculpture that smells like vagina.

Did I break Bro Code? War Machine’s suicide note (he survived) unwittingly explains everything wrong with patriarchy. Iran hangs woman for killing alleged rapist. Analysis of hashtags shows Gamergate is mostly about harassment, becoming a joke. Ray Rice Halloween costumes: BUZZ! Jian Ghomeshi is sounding more and more like a creeper.

Hat tip to Angela, Josh, Onician, Thain, Jim, Erica, Micah, Jennifer, Griff!

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