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Election Tuesday Sex Links

vote goslingHey, kittens, GO VOTE!

Online dating site used fake profiles to get members to upgrade service. Love is a choice, not a feeling. What couples can learn from Gomez and Morticia Adams. Do not get married until you discuss all these subjects.

Why midterm elections are especially important for women.

November 14th #DTF features comedians Short Stack and Christian Alsis!

Woman hospitalized to remove deer tongue she’d used to pleasure herself. Sex lives of the original Siamese twins. New antiretroviral injections shown 100% protection against HIV.

Instagram took down Chelsea Handler’s topless pic 3 times. Myths and misconceptions about bi men. Insider’s insights in the queer sex industry.

Things you may not think are harassment, but they are. High court shifts responsibility to prosecution in sex assault cases. Why women are speaking out against Jian Ghomeshi. Lena Dunham responds to allegations she sexually abused her sister.

Hat tip to Melanie, Darryl, Mike, Chris!

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