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Friday Sex Links

What fantasies are most common? Most common problems people have in bed. Why everyone should try a long distance relationship. The sad case of the emotionally unavailable woman. Court reverses rulings in 4 states, upholding marriage bans.

submit1On going commando under workout clothes. What foods make your cum taste better? Catcalling basics for men. Engaging men as allies in the fight against campus sexual assault. #DudesGreetingDudes wins the internet.

the deadline to submit to SEXx Interactive has been extended one more week! Josephine Butler, Victorian history and ways to approach sex workers.

Prostate cancer risk cut by having more female partners, increased with more male partners. Limb cells turned into genitals in lab.

November 14th #DTF features comedians Short Stack and Christian Alsis!

Goldieblox,an engineering toy maker, aims to disrupt “perfect” beauty standards. The new suburban face of feminism. Strip clubs, g strings and the GOP’s new war on women. Rose McGowan explains her comments about gay men being misogynistic.

SEPTA transit cop caught masturbating on train. Woman sues LAPD after cops kidnap and sexually assault her. “I didn’t report because fuck you”

Hat tip to Thain, Tiffany, Griff, Patrick!

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