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Tuesday Sex Links!

Why psychological androgyny is necessary for creativity. Women sharing photos of what they were wearing when they were catcalled. “I waited til my wedding night to lose my virginity and I regret it.” How becoming a mom changes the way the world sees you. You should probably marry someone your own age.

50 shades of dick: best mainstream movies with crotch shots. What it’s like to have a micropenis. 15 YA books that aren’t about straight white people. Newsflash: you can’t steal someone’s partner. Will we only have sex for fun by 2050?

november 14November 14th #DTF features comedians Short Stack and Christian Alsis! The deadline to propose a workshop, lecture, performance or installation for SExx Interactive has been extended to 11/14!

GayWrites: A photo project by and for queer students. Two women beaten by pack of teenagers for holding hands. Lesbian couple registers for first same-sex marriage in Russia.

Thanks to Amy Schumer, you can say “pussy” on Comedy Central now. Disentangling after a breakup.

It’s time to defend intersex rights. Dating while intersex. A manual to my body. Beautiful images of trans youth.

Why call it “feminism” instead of humanism? The rise and rise of sexology. Twitter joins forces with WAM to curb gendered online harassment. Is Banksy a woman?

Hat tip to Heather, Andres, Thain, Tess, Pussy Division!

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