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Friday Sex Links!

LGBT vets need more than a free Bloomin Onion. Lasting relationships come down to two traits. It is now legal to sell sex in Canada but not buy it. German start up brings new meaning to safer sex. Futurism and sex. Can rebounds be the real deal? How to be a gentleman in the 21st century.

Anti-abortion laws erode away the rights of pregnant women. Cervical cancer screenings and HPV vaccine could prevent 93% of cervical cancers. For feminist fans of Princess Bride.

november 14TONIGHT: November 14th #DTF features comedians Short Stack and Christian Alsis! The deadline to propose a workshop, lecture, performance or installation for SExx Interactive has been extended to 11/14! Come to my workshop on Intro to Role Play Dec 14!

Businesses cash in as women chase bigger butts. Check out these super weird exotic dancers from the 1890s. brutally honest body image lesson. Watch famous feminists read tweets about themselves. One soldier recorded the investigation into her sexual assault. How do we make a consent culture?

New original series to follow trans group of friends. Lesbian bars are going extinct, so here are some floorplans for ideal ones. LGBT kids who flee their families and countries to come to the US. A symbol for trans positivity.

Hat tip to Christie, Micah, Anne, Melissa, Megan, Sam!

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