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Tuesday Sex Links

“I’m a beautiful black woman married to a white man and people assume I’m a sex worker.” Lumbersexual: like the opposite of metrosexual. Japanese high school hosts “sex change day.”  El Salvador’s restrictive abortion laws are driving teens to suicide.

ceceThe problem with auctioning off sex with a porn star. Teen sex legends reflect adult fears. 75 year longitudinal study on what makes a happy life. Why are seals having sex with penguins? OKCupid rolls out new gender and sexuality options.

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Philly’s top LGBT businesses. Misconceptions trans allies need to understand. Bangladeshi Hijras hold first Pride Parade. Michigan governor thinks 300 legal same-sex marriages are now void.

Bill Cosby stays silent about rape allegations in NPR interview. Women are trying to take Essure off the market after serious negative side effects.

Do you have to wear a bra to have perky boobs? Male TV anchor wears same suit for a year to prove point about sexist viewers. Why can’t girls on reservations get Plan B?

Hat tip to Paul, Lydia, Thain, Joe!

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