Sex in the news / Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

How likely is it that a form of birth control will fail? Charles Manson is getting married. Testing Cosmo’s NEW lesbian sex advice. Grand Theft Auto game now features graphic sex with prostitutes whom you can also kill. What happens when science meets erotica.

no pantsShirtstorm: casual sexism and the inevitable backlash when it’s called out. A pornographer explains why that shirt was a dud. Indonesian female cops subjected to “virginity tests.” Sons of Anarchy sex montage gets way more backlash than routine violence.

The next DTF is December 12 featuring the amazing Nikki Black and Joey Dougherty! check out my sexy Frisky for the Holidays dance workshop December 13! And come to my workshop on Intro to Role Play Dec 14!

How is the Sexiest Man Alive picked? “I looked at Chris Brown’s nude pic but I shouldn’t have.” True stories of queer women falling for straight ones. High heels make men more helpful towards women.

Police seek man missing penis. What is Sex Mountain? One in 10 british men have paid for sex. Study on body smell preference and political beliefs. Barbie fucks up gender roles again.

Buzzfeed feminism survey 2014. Everything we know about the Cosby rape allegations. Don Lemon gives advice on how not to get raped. Is fit shaming the new fat shaming? How space affects men and women differently.

Hat tip to Thain, Patrick!

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