Sex in the news / Sex Links

Friday Sex Links

Readers prefer authors of their same gender. Low libido in women is rarely due to biology. Is drone porn going to be a thing?

feminist as fuckIs Philly getting a new lesbian bar? Google removes android game about shooting gay dudes. Suicide hotline for trans people.

We need to change our approach to dealing with pedophilia. Center City lawyer charged with sex with 14 year old trafficking victim. Jian Ghomeshi arrested. Lincoln University President resigns after taking heat for victim-blaming remarks. White Plains parking cop asks for sex in return for fixing ticket. “I’m not offended. Julien Blanc, I’m terrified.”

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Utah has to pay lawyers’ fees for plaintiffs in marriage equality case. NJ lawmaker introduces “rape by fraud” to criminalize lying to get laid. University sets up scholarship for former sex workers.

Hat tip to Megan, Erica, Thain!

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