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Tuesday Sex Links

Can teaching Kenyan girls to save money also reduce HIV? Aristotle said blondes have better orgasms. Thin shaming vs fat shaming. What did dinosaur sex look like? Jennifer Tilly looks back on her hot scenes in Bound. You can help crowdfund a gender variant social network site.

scott summersI was interviewed about Philly Jacks, a local masturbation club. Someone has to teach kids that porn is like the WWE. You can 3D print dildos at UPS now. What real vs fake breasts look like under thermal imaging. Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law tossed out!

The next DTF is December 12 featuring the amazing Nikki Black and Joey Dougherty! check out my sexy Frisky for the Holidays dance workshop December 13! And come to my workshop on Intro to Role Play Dec 14!

Will dyed armpit hair become a thing? Why Ebola survivors should abstain after recovery. Shia LeBeouf  says he was raped during a performance art piece. Dealing with holidays and eating disorders. Laser treatment to reverse vaginal atrophy.

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