Sex in the news / Sex Links

Tuesday Sex Links!

Aramark employees having sex with prisoners. Sexual assault scandals rooted in theology. How should Rolling Stone have handled their gang rape story? Iowa legislator charged for sex with wife who has Alzheimer’s.

velveetaComfyballs denied trademark because balls. The phenomenon of delusional pregnancy.

Same-sex couples less likely to divorce. Dude on the twin “nobody is born gay” billboard IS gay, NOT a twin. Philly drag queens break world record. NY state just made gender affirming surgery more accessible. Will the military lift trans ban?

Vintage posters warning about the dangers of women’s rights. The artist who paints with pubic hair and vaginal scents. How patriarchy destroys men. Sony hack emails reveal Hollywood’s woman problem.

Hat tip to Ericka, Griff, Melanie!

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