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What’s Up in Sex? Tuesday Links!

The Golden Age of TV Is still mostly about white straight men. Women of color who rocked in 2014. That time Obama only called on women at a press conference. Is porn the reason people aren’t getting married as much now? Or is it responsible for jihad?

inyoWhy is rape-by-god in every religion’s stories? Remembering the 200,000 sex slaves of WWII. Convicted sex offender gets job as Mall Santa. Privilege, among rape victims. Anonymous threatens to leak Iggy Azalea’s nudes. Pregnant women being jailed to protect fetuses.

The next DTF is Jan 9th and features Eric Thomas and Alex J Gross! Check out my Intro to Burlesque workshop Jan 18th!

TLC to air show about Mormon same-sex attracted men who have opted to marry women. A&E’s new exploitative show to ambush sex workers. Sex education used to be way worse. Methods of contraception you totally don’t want to try. Images of queer folks in the Middle East.

Products gynecologists recommend for better sex. Why having kids won’t fulfill you.

Hat tip to Heather, John, Melanie!

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