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What’s Up in Sex? Friday Links!

The history of the bachelor pad tells us a lot about changing ideas of masculinity. Porn isn’t ruining your marriage and neither are these 6 other things. Young women with breast cancer create festive eyebrows. The fascinating history of tampons.

Merry Smutmas to you and yours. What our fascination with John Jolie-Pitt’s gender says about us. 50 Shades of Grey’s Jamie Dornan visits BDSM dungeon and is a total jerk about it. You can now pay someone to show you “unconditional love.”

2015The next DTF is Jan 9th and features Eric Thomas and Alex J Gross! Check out my Intro to Burlesque workshop Jan 18th!

Dudes, it’s OK to be in group exercise class. What we learned about Trans culture in 2014. FDA sort-of lifts ban on gay blood donors… but not really. “All I want for Christmas is a trans fairy.”

Meet the accused student at the center of controversy about how campuses handle rape. Mass/spree killers often start with stalking, harassing, killing women. Appeals court strikes down NC abortion provision about ultrasound.

Hat tip to Stacey, Griff, Ericka, Melanie!

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