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What’s Up in Sex? Tuesday Sex Links!

Trans teen commits suicide, cites Christian parents in suicide note. Top queer and feminist books of 2014. Why Brokeback Mountain’s author regrets writing the book. The inadvertent trans fairy. Chelsea Handler keeps challenging Instagram on toplessness.

Female-centric dating apps. Breathtaking photos of the human race. When an orgasm is just not worth it. Is Love, Actually the least romantic movie of all time? Woman saves up cheating boyfriend’s DMs, gives them to him as Xmas gift.

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HIV prevention should focus on pleasure. Toys are more divided by gender now than 50 years ago. Clinically dead woman kept on life support for weeks to sustain fetus in Ireland.

6000 year old temple unearthed, may have housed matriarchal society. Is it cool for dudes to take group exercise? Saudi women to be tried as terrorists for driving cars. Ultra-Orthodox men delay flight, refusing to be seated by women. Turkey’s president thinks people who use contraceptives are traitors. Why is ISIS scared of women?

Hat tip to Ben, Thain, Anne, Joey, Melanie!

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