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What’s Up in Sex? Friday Links!

#RealLiveTransAdult hashtag gives hope to young trans kids. Help bring meaning to Leelah Alcorn’s death. A call to end conversion therapy. Trans women of color face disproportionate violence. What does it mean to be genderfluid?

IMG_20141230_162757973 Margaret Thatcher wanted to ban sex toys. Play-Doh’s penis-shaped toy angers parents. QUIZ: How pregnant can you get from these things? LEGO Friends comic goes viral. Celesbian moments of 2014.

The next DTF is Jan 9th and features Eric Thomas and Alex J Gross! Check out my Intro to Burlesque workshop Jan 18th!

“I’m a body positive feminist and had weight loss surgery.” Overweight women and smaller paychecks.

HIV transmission on porn set in Nevada reignites condom debate. The taboo of talking about unhappy marriages on facebook.

When are we getting male birth control pills? Conservatives only believe contraception is abortion when its politically convenient. Nicki Minaj takes a stand for women’s right to choose.

Hat tip tto Erica!

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