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What’s Up in Sex? Tuesday Links!

What horrible things did we do to our penises in 2014? The amazing map that shows marriage equality progress from 2013-2014. What’s the latest crazy plastic surgery available? In preventing trans suicides, we have a long way to go. Wearable sex tech now includes biofeedback.

i'm a girlWhat’s really wrong with “Nice Guys.” We tend to date people who are just like us. Toronto designer creates gender neutral clothing line. No oral or anal sex allowed in Malaysia.

The next DTF is Jan 9th and features Eric Thomas and Alex J Gross! Check out my Intro to Burlesque workshop Jan 18th!

Iranian mullahs have pretty creative, pervy ideas about western sexuality. Saudi airline to introduce gender segregated seating.

Testes are the most distinct human tissue. The man with two penises speaks out. Why is the clit located so far from the vaginal opening? Where are extra nipples most likely to grow? Give your loved one a bronzed copy of your anus. More than 200 new abortion restrictions created since 2010.

Uber addresses driver-on-customer rape by totally missing the point, giving checklist to customers to make sure they’re with the right driver.

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