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What’s Up in Sex? Friday Links!

First trans mayor elected in India. Things you didn’t know about orgasms and sexual satisfaction. Porn star Mia Khalifa and the fetish of the hijab. Special prosecution courts and the myth of “rescuing” sex workers. Forced sterilization of Romani women. What happens when women ‘manspread’ on public transit.

jan 2015The next DTF is TONIGHT Jan 9th and features Eric Thomas and Alex J Gross! Check out my Intro to Burlesque workshop Jan 18th!

Why are men obsessed with sex? GOP proposes 20 week abortion ban. High tech future of the uterus. College men overestimate female orgasm by a third to a half.  VA bill would allow businesses, even schools and hospitals to turn away gay people.

Russia will refuse drivers licenses to trans people. Why are there no Black people on The Bachelor? The gender bending history of high heels. Pentagon employee tried to access porn at work over 12,000 times last year.

Hat tip to Surekha, Sonalee, Darryl, Ericka, Thain!

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