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What’s Up in Sex? Tuesday Edition

Unconventional marriage arrangements. To fall in love with anyone, do this. Hidden reasons some men don’t want sex. Does god have a gender? Femme invisibility. The hanky code we wished existed.

This year was a game changer for anal sex. What are the long term effects of anal sex? The Philly artist shooting nudes in abandoned buildings whose work has gone viral overseas.

huge turn onUndescended testicles are a risk factor for cancer. Whales have the world’s biggest testicles. Lizard penises evolve at super speed.

The US regions where LGBT folks face the most discrimination. On porn shaming. Sex, drugs and high school social psychology. Ass-eating techniques.

The gender switch in Orange County’s sex work battle. Small town school creates gender-neutral washroom for students. Closing the gender gap in politics.

Why so some men fake orgasms? Factors that can impair female orgasm. The problem with sexual arousal studies. The vagina is cleaner than the mouth. “How I know squirting is real and also not pee.”

Hat tip to Jessy, Icon, Heather, Thain!

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