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What’s Up in Sex? Friday Edition

What does it take to be sexually average? Japanese vagina kayak artist is fighting back against obscenity charges. Herself: the female form in all its honesty. Mental illness and love. Exiting conditioned, generational sex work.

self careSaks claims they can discriminate against trans employees. Opponents of LGBT protections either engaged in massive fraud or everyone in Houston has the same handwriting. How a Catholic mom learned to love her trans son. On the need for greater inclusivity in the recovery community.

Wii Fit for your vagina. Prehistoric sex toys. Creative expression is sexy, some types are sexier than others. How to have maintenance sex. Cool Girls and Concern Trolls. Man Seeking Woman is satire of modern dating.

A personal story of female genital mutilation and the aftermath. Mike Huckabee will lose the war on Beyonce. Wife chops off cheating husband’s penis… twice.

Hat tip to Melanie, Lee, Brooklyn!

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