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What’s Up in Sex? Tuesday Edition

7 things that will mean a lot to your guy. RIP, #eggplantfriday, as Instagram removes manbulge hashtag. What it’s like to date your dad. “Why I hate to quit hardcore porn.” “Why I’m keeping my pregnancy a secret from work.” Dead Kennedys fans get down on stage.

dick picPope defends contraception ban, says same-sex marriage disfigures god’s plan. Church dudes mansplain abortion.

Dude convicted after sex with a mailbox. Vagina Monologues cancelled at Mount Holyoke for being transphobic. Your vagina is basically an action hero. Are penises getting smaller? Do transwoman have a competitive advantage in sports?

Your body is an instrument, not an ornament.  Even the most accomplished female boxers can’t make a living without selling a sexualized image. Women’s body image linked to what she thinks men prefer. How much the “perfect body” has changed over the century. Is prejudice the cause of gender discrepancies in the sciences, especially those that emphasize ‘brilliance?’

Thailand to recognize third gender in constitution. Bisexual vs pan: what do they mean? The rise and rise of the spornosexual. If we liberate men’s sexuality, then the war against women can end. Great toy for prostate massage beginners.

Hat tip to Rob, Heather, Jessy!

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