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What’s Up in Sex? Friday Edition

Marriages between women and homosexually attracted men who choose to “live as straight” are 2-3 times more likely to divorce. Teen sentenced to 30 years in prison for miscarriage in El Salvador. 4.4 million American men hide money from their partners. The case for working out with your spouse.

feminismPhilly named in top 10 kinkiest cities in the nation. Why patriarchy fears women with short hair. What it’s like to cancel your wedding. The Orthodox sex guru! How to get anyone to fall in love with you– in theory.

Plus size model opens fashion week runway show. Science can help you through a breakup. Kids start struggling with body image sooner than you might think. Trans people recognized for the first time in a SOTU.

Ways to combat Manterrupting. What having an abortion was like in 1959. Canada’s flawed sex trade law. Meet the Radical Brownies, who can earn LGBT ally badges and who learn about diversity of beauty.

10 bizarre sex-related patents. Unbelievable reproductive world records. Bigamy case disrupted by leaking breast implants. 13 pop songs that are probably about anal sex.

Hat top to Heather, Laura, Karey!

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