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What’s Up in Sex? Tuesday Edition

KS legislator introduces trifecta of anti-gay legislation. OK bill would require marriage licenses to be signed by religious clergy. Curvy girls rocking yoga poses. The weird racial politics of online dating. Searching for reliable data on sex.

you are the problemFull-frontal male nudity at fashion show. Porn for women making a big splash in Japan. The first artificially intelligent vibrator. Women want to see partners’ negative emotions, men want to see partners’ happiness.

The next DTF is Feb 13th and it features comedians Corin Wells, Joe Sabatino and special guest sexuality co-host Elicia Gonzales!

CA prisons aim to keep sex between prisoners safe, if illegal. Would increased beer taxes and legal weed reduce campus rape? When people say campus rape rates are exaggerated like that’s some kind of thing they can prove, are they implying the current rate is acceptable? Vanderbilt student didn’t know she was raped until she saw video of it.

Moms with big butts have healthier, smarter children. Tess Holliday is largest model to get mainstream contract. How the great blizzard of 1888 killed the petticoat.

Hat tip to Rudy, Karen & Joseph!

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