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Podcast with Men-Ups Photog, Rion Sabean

Hey kids. It’s Throwback Thursday and this classic piece originally went up in October of 2011. 

There are some iconic poses that just scream “Pin- Up!”

Think of Marilyn’s big break in Playboy sprawled out on a red bed.

Think Bettie Page at Christmas.

Think Betty Grable’s tush in a white swim suit, as she smiles back at you (she did that pose because she was pregnant and beginning to show in the belly).

Or even the X Ray Pin Up Calendar from 2010 that did away with the whole played-out “having skin” thing.

Enter photograph Rion Sabean to take the simple art of pin up posing and the simple concept of switching the gender of the model and BAM you have a brilliant new project called Men Ups. It’s a work that has received applause, laughter and some serious criticism, like any good art.  So we sat down with Rion to chat about the project, about gender expression and the magic of photography making ideas into reality.

Listen here, or here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and hear podcasts before everyone else!

And check out more from Rion on facebook!

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