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What’s Up in Sex? Friday Edition

A new sex park for Taiwan? Can’t teach condoms? Try teaching how to put on a sock. Rejecting people is harder in practice than theory. Russian tween commits suicide after parents find porn in browser history. Beauty isn’t one size fits all.

i love herFemale cyclists challenge customs on Egyptian streets. On running and street harassment. Feminist instagrams that will inspire you to smash the patriarchy. Inside the trollish Men’s Rights movement. The time the badass feminist Queen of England gave a lesson to the kind of Saudi Arabia.

The next DTF is Feb 13th and it features comedians Corin Wells, Joe Sabatino and special guest sexuality co-host Elicia Gonzales!

Whom should you date, according to astrology? When “girls don’t count” in your “how many?” tally. What’s it like to be a hot dude? Snowballs: cooling underwear for men. Trans kids show consistent gender identity across measures.

“I’m tired of politicians using my grief for their gain.” The trouble with ableist metaphors. Health benefits of cuddling. Sweden banned from international lifting competitions for giving females a choice about shirts. 6 reasons you should sleep naked.

Hat tip to Jac, Carina, Thain, Cassy!

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