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What’s Up In Sex? Tuesday Edition

Guys who like guys when they’re stoned. Male sexuality is probably as fluid as female. The Super Bowl and porn searches. Old people having sex. When you want to, but your partner doesn’t. Have inappropriate teacher-student relationships become a national crisis? The super obvious reason why women like casual sex.

sillyWhat taking my daughter to a comic book store taught me.  New favorite tumblr: Saved by the bell hooks. CA bill would require paying pro cheerleaders minimum wage. Even in death, women are not free of sexist idiots.

The next DTF is Feb 13th and it features comedians Corin Wells, Joe Sabatino and special guest sexuality co-host Elicia Gonzales!

Bye, Bye, Barbie. Newsweek’s controversial cover story on sexism in tech. What do people want to tell their exes? Who are the LGBT people who oppose marriage equality?

Tipthemless: troll app that raises a good point. Vibrator pendant necklace for the discrete and horny.

Hat tip to Christina, Josh, Vanessa, Patrick, Nikki!

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