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Can You Be Christian and Pro Sex? An Interview with Rev. Bev

rev bevThe first time I met Reverend Beverly Dale was at Sexploratorium in South Philly. She was conducting a workshop at the grand re-opening of the store and opened with a quiz on the Bible. It asked about various laws about sexuality, stories from the Old and New Testament, and what the book really said about sex. As many of us know who have argued for sexual freedom and equal rights against folks who use Christianity as their excuse for intolerance, many “religious” folks aren’t all that familiar with the content of their theology’s text. But there’s no reason that belief in god or religion should be incompatible with sex positivity and Reverend Beverly Dale is all about bridging that gap.

We chat about her faith, why she couldn’t give up on Jesus and how she brings joy about sexuality to her congregants.

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3 thoughts on “Can You Be Christian and Pro Sex? An Interview with Rev. Bev

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