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Why People Hate Happy Fat People, Sexism in Tech, Myths about IUDs

Body size preferences based on socioeconomic status. 5 things the body positivity movement needs to be doing. Why people hate Tess Munster and other happy fat people. Why sexism in tech is even worse than you think.

spankMen in skirts protest violence against women in Turkey. “Stay weird, stay different” Oscar winner Moore clarifies that he’s not gay. Kansas lawmakers want to criminalize teaching about sex, nude art or “harmful” books. On LGBT teens who turn to survival sex.

Register now for SEXx Interactive, the first-of-its kind sex positive event this May! The next DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour is March 13th and features comedian Sue Taney and gayborhood producer Josh Schonewolf.

Same-sex couples may soon be able to produce biological children together. “who’s the daddy?” homework assignment angers parents. The marriage secret no one wants to admit.

5 women who invented modern pop culture and got no credit. Men: get your shit together and end patriarchy.

Myths and fears about IUDs. People who got tattoos of vulvas on them. Throwing a party for dudes with tiny dicks.

Hat tip to Heather, Jesse, Max, Shyra, Erin, Thain!

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