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What is Orgasmic Meditation? And Would You Try it in a Room Full of People?

omTaking the goal-oriented nature out of sex is something that I advocate often. When we conceptualize “good” sex as being that which leads to a reliable orgasm, we miss out on the opportunity to really explore, experience and play, and to really connect with another human. This is why I was excited to learn more about OneTaste and Orgasmic Meditation from Kati Brennan, who is an absolute firecracker! You don’t want to miss this episode!

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One thought on “What is Orgasmic Meditation? And Would You Try it in a Room Full of People?

  1. I appreciate what the folks at OneTaste are trying to do with their practice, but I believe they are pulling a bait-and-switch on people with their redefinition of the word “orgasm”. They pull people in by saying they are “powered by orgasm” and “we’ve dedicated our lives to orgasm” etc., which works, because lots of people feel they are not getting enough orgasms (conventionally defined) in their lives. But then OneTaste turns around and says “well, when we say ‘orgasm’, we actually mean the entire spectrum of sexual feelings”. I don’t think this is necessarily helpful to people who are experiencing most of that spectrum of sexual feelings, but are frustrated because they can’t achieve what is conventionally called orgasm. Sometimes people don’t want to just accept themselves the way they are – they want to change themselves in a certain way, and I don’t think it’s right for an organization to imply they’ll help those people do that, but then reveal they are doing something different (but perhaps valuable in itself).

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