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Men & Narcissism, Queer Gangs and Genderqueer Pregnancy Clothes

Evolutionary reasons men like women with curved spines. Are men more narcissistic than women? Russell Brand’s unexpected anti-porn crusade. What should kids be taught about sex? Teen attempts to kill women as revenge for his inability to get laid.

retractionWoman has gym membership canceled after she refuses to stop complaining about transwoman in locker room. America’s first queer gang? Coming out in your mid to late 20s. How to make love to a trans person.

Register now for SEXx Interactive, the first-of-its kind sex positive event this May! The next DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour is March 13th and features comedian Sue Taney and gayborhood producer Josh Schonewolf.

Why we need to bulldoze the manosphere. How kink’s largest social networking site fails its users.

First woman (and lesbian!) sworn in as NYFD chaplain. How AIDS erased a generation of queer history.

Things that will probably happen to you while breastfeeding. Butchbaby: maternity wear for the androgynous and genderqueer. Emotional baggage that you can’t check. How to break up with someone like an actual adult. Why doctors should talk to their patients about kink.

Hat tip to John, Heather, Deborah, Thain!

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