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Fat Pornstar Self-Esteem Lessons, “Bachelor” Sexism, Reverse Beer-Goggles

Mom upcycles old Bratz dolls and wins over the internet. Has The Bachelor’s sexism finally gone too far? Aston Kutcher wants more baby changing stations in men’s rooms. Samantha Bee will become 2nd late night female host.

text your crushWhat it was like to be a gay man in San Francisco in the 70s. There are now Lego figures for all the female Supreme Court Justices.  Star Wars is adding a lesbian character. Feminist site taken down by DDoS attack on International Women’s Day.

Register now for SEXx Interactive, the first-of-its kind sex positive event this May! The next DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour is March 13th and features comedian Sue Taney and gayborhood producer Josh Schonewolf.

New app tells you how many furries live on your block. How hard is it to find art by women at the highest echelons? Georgia judge jails woman for wearing headscarf to court. What amount of alcohol makes you look better?

Low self-esteem keeps people in unhappy marriages and unlikely to bring up conflict. “Life” is a flexible concept to some anti-choicers, as attacks on abortion clinics increase. GoFundMe cancels legal sex worker fundraiser. How gay porn helped build the gay rights movement.

Pornstar April Flores wants fat women to feel more sexual. Couples reveal “their number” to each other. GOP quietly sneaks anti-abortion provision into human trafficking law. How can international travel make you a better lover, get you over a breakup or strengthen a relationship?

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