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Feminist Fart Study, Recreating Nude Masterpieces, IUD Earrings

Get your IUD earrings. 4 ways to stop being jealous of other women. More sleep means better sex for women. Myths most people believe about fertility. TX AG sues to prevent same-sex partners from caring for each other. The results of the feminist fart study.

last callHow to talk to your daughter about her body. “If I don’t get pants, nobody gets pants.” Queer women who are challenging body oppression. What is intersectional feminism and why should you care? American Apparel is editing models into anatomically incorrect mannequins. The evolution of sexual pleasure.

Register now for SEXx Interactive, the first-of-its kind sex positive event this May and get Early Bird pricing!

Things PG13 movies need to stop doing in sex scenes. Monica Lewinsky’s powerful TED talk. Beautiful portraits of what it’s like to be disabled. Acid attack survivors pose for empowering calendar. What happens when art students recreate famous nude masterpieces.

What did Cosmo’s survey reveal about orgasms? What happens when non-models get photoshopped? Why Meghan Trainor needs to go take some gender studies classes before she makes any more music.

Parents tell school district they should have been warned teacher was returning to school as a different gender. The improbable 200 year history of same-sex marriage in the US. Why don’t med students even have proper sex ed?

Vaginal/vulva piercings to be classified as genital mutilation under new UK law. Irish sex worker using European rights legislation overturn anti-prostitution laws. A porn star writes about the emotions of people finding out what she does.

Hat tip to Max, Griff, Amy, Cassy, Melanie, Darryl, Erica!

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