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Angelina’s Ovaries, Your Brain on Hot People, IN’s Legal Discrimination

Police find no evidence of gang rape at UVA, are careful not to say victim is lying. In college and hiding from scary ideas. What do Americans think about open relationships? What do sex workers think of Pretty Woman?

lace shirtHey! I was nominated for the Educator of the Year at the first-ever Rad Girl Awards.

Angelina Jolie had ovaries removed as preventative measure. Why is it so hard to conduct valid sex research? Indiana battling worst HIV outbreak in its history, governor declares public health emergency. What about the financial pains of miscarriage?

Register now for SEXx Interactive, the first-of-its kind sex positive event this May and get Early Bird pricing! Get ready for DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour on April 10th featuring guests Dan Vetrano and Mary Vice!

What happens in your brain when you look at a sexy person? Photos of the uncomfortable marks left by fashion. Gender pay gap in nursing. Vintage and modern ads with overt sexism. “Things I learned after my husband’s affair.”

11 tips for a happier vagina. Forbidden Fruit photo project. Who talks more: men or women? “I’m not your token.

Watch India’s Daughter, a documentary (banned in India) about the vicious gang rape that resulted in a 23 year old med student’s death, that incudes rapists and attorneys blaming the victim. If we’re serious about preventing child sexual abuse, we have to talk rationally about pedophilia.

Oklahoma “Religious freedom” bill ditched after amendment added that would make discriminatory businesses have to own up to their bigotry, but Indiana passes discrimination law. Why can’t California get rid of this proposed “kill the gays” bill?

Hat tip to Melanie, Greg, Aaron!

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