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Long Term Love in a Monogamish World

After the sudden (and very public) breakup of his marriage, Tao Ruspoli was left pondering the existential question of whether a relationship is a failure simply because it ends. The director, whose previous films had explored everything from drug addiction to flamenco, went looking for answers in his next piece, Monogamish. Why do people pair off? What can be expected from this kind of union? Why is so difficult to keep a romantic relationship alive long-term? Are we really even built for that?

We talk about what he’s learned through making the film, the ever-evolving meaning of marriage in society, what science has found about human nature and discuss future options for relationship models. If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship, wanted to be, or even thought about it, you should check out this conversation. And you still have two days to support the Kickstarter.

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