Is Sex Drive Real? iPhone’s Gay Emojis and Barry Manilow’s Wedding

Kickass sex advice from awesome older women. Does the sex drive even exist? Is it healthier to be married or single? What do the most beautiful humans look like? Invisible Girlfriend/Boyfriend, the app that makes it look like you have a significant other. Valuable lessons about faking orgasmsChelsea Manning gives first interview from behind bars.

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Genes linked to breast, ovarian cancer act differently in each woman. A game where you have sex with your car. Are women-specific bikes necessary? Should female athletes use sex appeal to market themselves? Longtime couple finds continued happiness after crossdressing revelation.

Does sex offending have a genetic basis? Rolling Stone fucked up reporting on college rape, creeps are using it as excuse to say rape culture is a myth. iPhone update comes with more gay emojis.

Blaming models for anorexia is like blaming sad songs for suicide, says author. Stationery shop turns homophobic leaflets into confetti. Huh: did you know Barry Manilow is gay? Obama supports the end of LGBT conversion therapy.

Hat tip to Steve, Josh, Nikki!

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One thought on “Is Sex Drive Real? iPhone’s Gay Emojis and Barry Manilow’s Wedding

  1. Every seven seconds. That’s how often men supposedly think about sex, according to conventional wisdom. And women, you ask? Well, if you believe that same conventional wisdom, not nearly as much. In fact, one sensational claim out there in the media right now takes that a step further by arguing that women, in fact, have no sex drive at all.

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