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China’s Inflatable Sex Ed Teacher, Facts from the Dickumentary, Real Doll Factory Tour

Being openly gay still hurts job prospects in many fields. The new pop star who has no gender or sexuality. The celibacy of Ghandi. Times that Buffy the Vampre Slayer was shockingly frank about sexuality.  More teens needs to be using IUDs. On “they” as a singular pronoun. What emerges when you erase the ad and just leave the white woman?

White house creates gender neutral bathrooms. Google image search has a gender problem.  Mormons, who you might recall used to believe in plural marriage, stand firm against same sex marriage because it’s “against tradition.” Can our generation handle marriage?

Darren Sharper’s penis to be monitored for the rest of his life. Talking to the doctor behind the first penis transplant surgery. The evolution of penis size. Fascinating facts about dicks from the Dickumentary. No more penis pics from the Japanese fertility festival. Huge inflatable woman to teach kids about birds and bees in China.

clearwaterRegister now for SEXx Interactive, the first-of-its kind sex positive event this May!

Things you should know about butts. A tour of the Real Doll factory. 5 types of people getting more play than you. The attractiveness of non-conformity.

18 unspoken rules of sex. Gang rape on Florida beach in front of hundreds who do nothing. Are males’ experiences of objectification remotely comparable to women’s? what’s the best lube for you? Mary Kay Letourno wants off the offender registry. Serotonin and the science of sex.

Hat tip to Micah, McKenzie, Pussy Division!

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