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Mysterious Foreskin, Dating Bisexuals, Ethical Non-Monogamy

Why is the foreskin such a mystery in the US? The Museum of Sex hasn’t paid taxes in years. The original draft of Good Will Hunting had a pretty intense gay love scene. An LGBT visitors guide to Philly. How willing are people to date bisexuals? Oldest medical journal in US backs marriage equality. Why Philadelphia’s women need to take back the night.

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Love at first sight is real, if you believe in it. Cute: straight teen asks gay best friend to prom in adorable way.

A self-described sex addict gives the warning signs of dating one. How are stocks in companies that sell adult products? The photo that changed the Boston Marathon forever. The NYC building that gets the most noise complaints for people fucking too loudly. Small penis pageant returns to Brooklyn.

Yes, there are people attracted to fat people. How to “get your body back” after baby. Film project looking for women to talk about masturbation. James Dobson thinks bisexuals are having all the fun. Revolutionary vibrators we’ve been waiting for. Man’s penis has to be skinned after Vaseline nightmare.

How often are men subjected to sexual harassment? Different varieties of ethical non-monogamy. Middle school censors “feminist” from student’s tshirt in class picture. What would you say if a stranger propositioned you on the street?

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