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Air Sex Championships, Prude Shaming, Fertility Tracking for Men

Can you have a BDSM relationship without sex? Ted Cruz wants to punish women for being sexual. Calling The Avengers’ Black Widow “a slut” isn’t actually a joke. The Air Sex championships are happening again. People who earn more, get more; and vice versa. Why do people still not understand female orgasm?

Meet Skyla, the new IUD. Laverne Cox poses for Playboy. How a CEO is planning to erase the gender pay gap. Sex ed that turns boys into good men. The theoretical plan for marriage equality from decades ago. Survivors of the 80s AIDS crisis tell their stories.

Slut shaming is bad, but so is prude shaming. An intro to non-monogamy. The perfect male birth control is so close. Why is it taking so long? Remember your loved one… by putting their ashes in a vibrator.

on your kneesRegister now for SEXx Interactive, the first-of-its kind sex positive event this May 7-10, featuring an episode of DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour on May 8th! Take my Intro to Burlesque Class June 14th!

A fertility tracking app for men. Philly: take back the night. Could California decriminalize sex work? The plus size photo series that takes on Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel ads.

Some Chinese folks are hiring exotic dancers to perform at funerals. New OB-GYN office opening specifically for LBT women. Transmasculinity is underrepresented. Former Iowa legislator found not guilty of raping Alzheimer’s-having wife.

Amy Schumer says “the media decides when you’re no longer fuckable.” Why do some poly and open relationships opt to be fluid bonded and how does it work? What’s it like to be asexual?

Hat tip to Anne, Jeff, Micah, Brady, Tess, Lisa!

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