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Wanksy, Strongmen from the 1800s, Blue Balls

Science leads the battle cry that women are normal. How porn is warping the way boys treat girls. The IUD capitol of the U.S. penis vs vagina usage by news source, in chart form. Visualizing fetish space. How to eat an ass.

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How do you pick up people at the gym? Street artist Wanksy gets potholes fixed faster by painting dicks around them. Pictures of strongwomen from the 1800s. Sports vs regular tampon vs cup. Are athletes masochists? What is left of sexologist Krafft-Ebing’s personal erotica collection?

Salty Girls is changing the perception of women with cystic fibrosis. Sophia Vergara’s dickbag of an ex writes op ed for NYT publicly engaging in reproductive coercion. How do sex and feminism go together? What are blue balls, actually?

Hat tip to Griff, Erica, Phil, Darryl, Jordan!

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