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Midwives, Gay Traffic Lights, Notorious RBG

History of lessons horror movies taught us about sex. One woman’s story of abortion. Midwife-attended births have better outcomes, so why aren’t they more popular in the US? What do lottery tickets have to do with teaching condom use? Gay traffic lights in Vienna. LGBT folks protest Facebook’s continued oppressive “real names” policy, try to get them kicked out of SF Pride.

who thrivesWhy do people think being in a band is for dudes? When a queer woman counts calories. Why men don’t tell when they are raped. Can you bleed from your vagina and still be a competent leader? Trans women show how offensive anti-topless laws are. Hawaii police use sexual assault charge in prostitution sting.

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“Church should be the safest place for gays” Anti-LGBT protesters flip out that school district creates policy to protect trans students. Beautiful pics from Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson’s wedding.

Call it misogyny, not the more playful term “trolling.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who will be played by Natalie Portman in an upcoming movie) eviscerates anti-marriage equality arguments with just 5 sentences.

Hat tip to Jackie, Ben!

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