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Interview with David Schwartz: On Treating Sexual Offenders

Dr. Timaree, with sex therapists Dave Schwartz and L’Oreal McCollum

It’s Throwback Thursday and time for some classic Sex with Timaree. This podcast originally went up in October of 2011. Dave Schwartz, whom I interview, still does some of this work, but now focuses his practice more on other forms of counseling.

Sex therapy may sound like a fun job to you.  You can have paintings of vulvas on your office walls and no one thinks a thing about it. Or maybe it sounds awful because you have to listen to gross details on some unsavory situations. David Schwartz handles clients with the least savory of situations. And he does it with aplomb. He works in the part of sexology which, if you have the stomach for it, can be one of the most important types of therapy, and most helpful to society. He treats sex offenders. Dave didn’t go into this field with that game plan and he still does other types of therapy, including work with kink, polyamorous, BDSM and other, more “fun!” types of sexuality, but the bulk of his practice is filled with the task of helping clients who have offended sexually. Listen to this super fascinating interview to learn more about having to guide some of society’s most reviled characters towards a brighter future.

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