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Censored Classics, Feminist Lisa Frank, Gay Legislators

Judge rules against abstinence-only curriculum. We need orgasms like we need explanations. How lesbians have sex.

Putting yourself in the mind of a rapist. You can hire this company to break up with your boo for you. US House approves ban on abortions after 20 weeks, bill heads to Senate. Push to end prison rape loses earlier momentum.

miroWhat classic paintings would look like if censored. Common phrases uses by feminists that are actually transphobic. Your new fave tumblr: Feminist Lisa Frank. Reddit decides it probably should do something to curb harassment.

Celebrate PinkBox, the nation’s first sex toy vending company May 28th at their launch party. Take my Intro to Burlesque Class June 14th!

Sign this petition to keep Facebook out of SF & NY Pride while they continue to target queer performers and trans people. Mens Rights Activists are hilariously mad about the possibility Mad Max might be good. Britain has more openly gay legislators than any other country. Every day examples of cissexism.

Patronizing workshop on how to deal with women given to first majority-female city council in Austin. ACLU looking into Hollywood gender discrimination. US Navy to offer combat roles to women, expand maternity leave. Laramie, WY, forever associated with homophobic violence, passes anti-discrimination law.

Hat tip to Griff, Neil, Erica, Heather!

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