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Robot Sex Chickens, First Date Costs, Uterus Tranplants

The fat pilates teacher on finding body love. Robot sex chickens are here to seduce dominant males. Early humans were egalitarian.  Twitter’s great porn purge of 2015. How Mad Max subverts sexism. How much do people pay for first dates? Couples sex toy sets crowdfunding record.

pink box postcard 5Celebrate PinkBox, the nation’s first sex toy vending company May 28th at their free launch party. Take my Intro to Burlesque Class June 14th!

I made it to Buzzfeed’s list of sex educators! Inside the world of Christian erotica. Things you learn after sex with a comedian. Daily habits of the happily single. What it’s like to be a woman of color on Tindr. The girl fighting to end child marriage in Pakistan. Teacher accidentally shows 50 Shades in class.

Republican who pressured mistress into abortion votes to deny choice to other women. Feminist writers on the Mad Men moments that resonated with them. What’s insufficient about that tea-as-consent analogy going around. Reclaiming your body after sexual assault. “She was done not being fully herself.”

Possibility of uterus transplants excite some trans women. Everything you need to know about scissoring. The dickonomics of Tindr. Idiot parents freak out that elementary school kids learn same-sex couples exist.

Hat tip to Betsy, Nikki, Nick, Patrick, Mo!

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