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Used Knickers, #TGIMAVIRGIN, 3D Sex Scenes

The conversation we need to be having about the G Spot. How to have intercourse when you have a yeast infection. Two traits to lead to lasting relationships. The art of a Mad Men sex scene. Inside the UK’s used knickers market. Famous straight men on the covers of gay magazines.

landisI’ll be speaking at TEDx Walnut Street Women on May 30th. Celebrate PinkBox, the nation’s first sex toy vending company May 28th at their launch party. Take my Intro to Burlesque Class June 14th!

I’m still super mad at the NY Times for running that sexist, bullying article by Sophia Vergara’s ex. Girl Scouts announce they’re open to trans kids. Feminists don’t care if you like hot pink, eat salads or shave your crotch. 18 signs of a sexually healthy adult.

What coffee is doing to your erection. How love is experienced chemically in the brain. Why is infidelity considered the ultimate betrayal? Things we need to stop teaching boys. Maggie Gyllenhaal turned down for role because 37 is too old to play the partner of a 55 year old man.

I’m in an open marriage and you wouldn’t know it.” Are you using the best contraceptive for your needs? Sex ed should include info about fertility. Explore the hashtag #TGIMAVIRGIN. Michigan pastor resigns after his Grindr profile is leaked.

WV lawmaker says rape can be “beautiful” if it results in pregnancy. How to make an accused rapist look good. Rest in Power, London Chanel. Senator slams Game of Thrones for gratuitous rape scenes. College students sue over forced transvaginal probes. How common is rape among college freshmen?

The best states in the US for women.  Staten Islanders upset at woman being walked on a leash in the mall. 3D sex scenes at Cannes. Natural hair doll developed by African American mom.
Hat tip to Ericka, Mo, Tara, Griff, Tiff!

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