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Bigamy Laws, Bound Feet, Feminist Self Defense

The feminist fitness instructor’s guide to getting a summer beach body. It’s hard to be a gay athlete in New Zealand or Australia. Adult Friend Finder gets hacked. The rules of getting it on at an AirBnB. How facebook gets breasts wrong. How the beauty industry convinced women to shave their legs.

pink box postcard 5Was this the first proposal after Ireland legalized same-sex marriage? What do we desire most frequently? Who supports legal plural marriage? When bisexuals throw poly people under the bus. So you realized you’re poly. US state laws on bigamy are surprisingly diverse.

I’ll be speaking at TEDx Walnut Street Women on May 30th. Celebrate PinkBox, the nation’s first sex toy vending company May 28th at their launch party. Take my Intro to Burlesque Class June 14th!

Pity & condemnation for Josh Duggar. Florida mom bullied into ending battle to stop son’s circumcision. Documenting Chinese women with bound feet. A sex worker explains how to talk to a sex worker. A tale of 10 tummies.

Is it feminist to take a self defense course? Couple sues after engagement photo is used on erotica cover. Coffee helps prevent erectile dysfunction.

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