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Sex To-Do List, Coming out Poly, Saying No to Thongs

If sex video games make you feel weird, that’s the point. A Babylonian guide to sex. Most dangerous positions for breaking your penis. Things you should know about getting it on during pregnancy. The unbearable daintiness of women who eat with men. 9 things never to do after a breakup. The case for starting sex ed in kindergarten. What science tells us we should to do make the most of a first date.

june flyer editWhat it cost Indiana to fight against marriage equality. BRB, making a summer to-do list. Celebs who changed their mind on feminism, once they learned what it really was. The not-so feminist history of Wonder Woman. Why is it a super exciting time to be a female cyclist in Philly? Philly ranked 6th most LGBT friendly city in the nation. Alabama minister finished and sentenced to probation for attempting to officiate same-sex wedding. How does Japan treat gay people?

I’ll be speaking at TEDx Walnut Street Women on May 30th. The next DTF is at Franky Bradley’s June 12th! Take my Intro to Burlesque Class June 14th!

Why is it harder to come out as polyamorous than gay? Is anti-choice ideology driving malpractice suits? Super stupid #BlameOneNotAll campaign is India’s #NotAllMen. Does infidelity lurk in your genes? MDMA changes the way we talk about loved ones.

America’s first sex toy vending machine pops up in Philly.  A Buddhist perspective on sustaining love in relationships. What we can learn from Elizabeth Smart about the dangers of shame-based sex ed. Dude writes for advice about wife he finds boring in bed, gets schooled.  Mastering the art of talking dirty. Erotic movies you don’t need to be ashamed of watching. Why are young women saying no to thongs?

Hat tip to Lehla, Sean, Nick, Shara!

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